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v     Smithy – Old English Green Grocer and Smithy in stone and Tudor style.

v     Monastery – Up, up and away in the clouds!

v     Oriental – Floating market with water and street sides.

v     Venetian – Canal scene with Venetian flavor.

v     Leaky Cauldron/Diagon Alley – My version based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

v     Mississippi Riverboat – Stern wheel paddleboat and New Orleans House set in 1908.

v     SETI – This archeological dig reveals a “Secret Egyptian Tomb Inside”.

v    Washday Blues – Mountain farmhouse.

v    Stambaugh Mercantile – Turn-of-century country general store.

v    English Cottage – Thatch and tile roofed cottage.

v    Treehouse This project transports you back in time to your childhood.

v    Tuscany – Enjoy a little bit of flavor from the Tuscany countryside.

v    Fairy Habitat/Forest Stump – Fairy habitat or woodland critter house.

v    Rosita’s Cantina – Opens to reveal a large shop area with attic and upstairs living quarters.

v    Bookends (A Tale of Two Cities) – English shop on one end and a French street scene on the other.

v    Haunted House/Chateau – Can be finished as a haunted house or as a chateau in springtime.

v     Brownstone – Six rooms in three levels in New York or Chicago.